Meet Flor Lopez.

Flor is 37 years old, a mom of three active young boys:  James, 13, Iker, 10, and Mikel, 9.  Flor, her husband Jaime, and the boys live in southeast Raleigh.

This spring, Flor got an infection, and went to the Emergency Room.  “They rushed me in because the virus had gone to my blood stream.  It was really scary.”

When she was discharged, WakeMed referred Flor to Alliance Medical Ministry. 

The referral couldn’t have come at a better time.

“I was feeling depressed, I wasn’t exercising, and was eating a lot of bad food. They did blood work and found out my hemoglobin A1C was a little on the high side. I’m pre-diabetic.”

At Dr. Sheryl Joyner’s recommendation, Flor signed up for Cooking Matters @ Alliance and the Diabetes Prevention Program to help her make eating and lifestyle changes.


In Cooking Matters, offered in partnership with Inter-Faith Food Shuttle, Flor learned how to meal plan, grocery shop, and cook healthy foods on a budget.  

She picked up a lot of good recipes – salads, healthy dressings, zucchini boats -- and is trying them out with her husband and sons. “I like to blend vegetables into the cooking, a little here and there!”

“I knew I needed to lose weight and eat better. I want my kids to pick up good habits from me and work hard.”

Flor has started the year-long Diabetes Prevention Program, offered in partnership with the Triangle YMCA. Through the program, Flor receives a family pass to the Alexander Y. 

Over the next year, Flor’s goal is to lose 20 pounds and exercise regularly.   She aims to lower her hemoglobin A1C, prevent the onset of diabetes, and create a healthier lifestyle for her family.

“I’m going to the classes at the Y, and taking my husband and kids with me. My husband wants to lose weight and get healthier. He and I do the treadmills together.”

As of the time of this publication, Flor has already lost weight, has taken on a part-time job at a Chinese restaurant, and is forming new habits -- getting up before 6 am to pre-make meals for her family and get a workout in.  Her Diabetes Prevention group visits are a weekly highlight, with all participants cheering each other on as they work to meet their goals.

“It’s good to be surrounded by positive people.  That’s what I’ve found at Alliance Medical Ministry.”

Flor with fellow Diabetes Prevention Program participants before a group workout at the YMCA.

Flor with fellow Diabetes Prevention Program participants before a group workout at the YMCA.


In just four months, Flor’s life has changed.

At Alliance Medical Ministry, she found affordable primary care. She also found a network of support that is helping her get healthier. Alliance’s unique approach to medicine and strong community partnerships provide our patients tools and opportunities to change the course of their lives, and the lives of their families.

Flor’s situation is not unique -- 90,000 of our Wake County neighbors lack access to consistent, affordable healthcare.

Alliance serves about 3,000 adults. Our impact is real.  

We need YOU to continue providing comprehensive, compassionate care to our patients.

Will you make a gift this holiday?


Megg Rader, Executive Director

Dr. Maggie Burkhead, Medical Director