Support three women

for two years.  

One woman will help three,

who in turn will help many more.

Join the Alliance Circle now!

What is the Alliance Circle?

The Alliance Circle was formed in 2014 as a giving circle dedicated to supporting women's health at Alliance Medical Ministry.  Since 2014, 33 women, men, and community groups have committed to this circle, creating a financial impact of almost $80,000 to support women's health.

Why women?

Sixty-nine percent of Alliance patients are women, and the average Alliance patient supports a household of three on $19,900 a year.  As active community members, we understand the stress and balancing act that comes with work, family and home.  


On top of these stressors, Alliance's female patients are often acting as primary caretakers to children, grandchildren or other relatives, and are dealing with job and food insecurity and lack of transportation.




Why Alliance Medical Ministry?

We identify barriers low-income females face that negatively impact their health.


We address those barriers through comprehensive healthcare, health education, and wellness opportunities.  


We improve health outcomes through a compassionate staff and strong community partnerships.



What is the Alliance Circle commitment?

A two-year $2,400 total gift, supporting the healthcare for three women:

Monthly $100 gifts            Quarterly $300 gifts

Yearly $1,000 gift               One-time $2,400 gift


Join the Alliance Circle now!