Alliance Community Outreach Updates

In addition to offering a healthcare home for the working uninsured of Wake County, Alliance also provides much needed programs to increase the overall health of our community.  Hundreds of adults receive cancer-screening services and important education on how to improve one's health and quality of life. Alliance continues to serve the working uninsured of Wake County through offering services in partnership with several area hospitals and community service agencies.

Here are some highlights from our more recent events:

  • February 27th - Annual Cervical Cancer Screening.  88 Women screened, 1 cervical cancer diagnosis was found.
  • March 13th was the Rex Hospital Mobile Mammography Day at Alliance.  20 women were screened.
  • April 10th - Journey for Control Workshop was conducted, teaching 12 Hispanic patients about importance of balancing physical activity with healthy food choices.

  • April 10th - Festival Viva Raeigh, AMM provided info booth, 2K in attendance
  • April 17th - 1st ever AMM Nutrition Workshop - Eating Healthy on a Budget. 6 attended Featured a Duke Raleigh Health Registered Dietician.

And coming May 8th is Alliance's Annual Prostrate Screening event.

Thank you to all our community partners including Rex Hospital, Duke Raleigh Health and Wake Med Health and Hospitals.  Without their support, Alliance would not be able to reach those in our community who need these critical services.