Volunteer Highlight!

     “Everybody needs a little extra help sometimes,” says Kyle Sloate, a volunteer at Alliance Medical Ministry who has been donating her time since November 2011.  A graduate from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Kyle has worked alongside staff at Alliance gaining experience that will lead her to achieve her goal of becoming a Physician’s Assistant.  Spending so many hours with Alliance has allowed Kyle to become more excited for her future career in healthcare. Looking for a great environment to work in to gain experience, Kyle chose Alliance because she was drawn to their mission. Alliance Medical Ministry is a non-profit organization that provides affordable healthcare to working uninsured Wake County residents. “I like that their goal is to help people no matter where they come from.  Everybody deserves healthcare.” claims Kyle.

     Kyle’s favorite thing about Alliance Medical Ministry, aside from their mission, is the staff.  From day one the staff at Alliance has welcomed her and allowed her to feel appreciated.  Alliance isn’t the only one being spoken so highly of.  Alliance has appreciated having Kyle on board just has much as she has enjoyed being here.  “She fits right in like she has been here for years.  She is very courteous to the patients and performs her duties more like a staff member than a volunteer. We have really enjoyed having her here with us,” says Dr. Watson. Volunteering at Alliance has allowed her to learn to relate to patients in a short amount of time as well as gain the trust of Alliance patients. Kyle Sloate is very appreciative of the opportunities Alliance Medical Ministry has allowed her and claims it has been an “invaluable experience.”

     We would like to recognize Kyle for her commitment to our mission and her compassionate service!  You are a big part of the Alliance Family!