Who is an Alliance patient?

Dr. Sheryl Joyner speaks her heart for Alliance patients and makes a connection that cannot be disputed or doubted. She is pictured below with Morton Spivey, an Alliance patient who works as a caterer, as well as two additional jobs, to support his family.

     "An Alliance patient delivers my morning paper, fixes my latte at Starbucks, bags my groceries, pumps my gas, and inspects my car. They work at my gym and teach at local preschools. An Alliance patient is often behind the counter at the library, video store, shoe repair shop and dry cleaners. They fit and alter my daughter's prom dress and help my son fit his new pair of tennis shoes. 

     When its been a long day, Lax is running late, Walton is at Bible Study and the kids are hungry, it is often the smiling face of an Alliance patient that serves me at Wendy's, Char-Grill, Snoopy's, or K&W.  Alliance patients works in restaurants all over town both waiting tables and in the kitchen. I frequently see Alliance patients in my neighborhood cleaning houses, working as nannies, pushing strollers, and maintaining yards.

     They are plumbers, electricians, pest control technicians and appliance repairmen. They teach dance, gymnastics, karate, and swim lessons. They pastor churches and are musicians. Many of my patients own their own businesses including ethnic restaurants, janitorial services, and salons. They cut hair, give pedicures and work as massage therapists. They are bookkeepers, dog walkers, taxi drivers, caterers, yoga instructors, and personal trainers. They service my car, change my oil, and rotate my tires. They sell me my cell phone and wait patiently while I ask a million questions.

     In many ways these patients are similar to those of us that work at Alliance. They go to work, receive a paycheck, pay taxes, raise families and contribute to the community. They simply do not have health insurance. So many people whose lives touch mine every day and in turn touch yours. I am honored to take care of them because they take care of me."