Christmas in July

A dark night was upon Linda Cheatham-Barnes and her family as the 2011 holiday season drew near.  Still mourning the loss of her younger sister, who had passed on just two months prior, Linda lost her home the week before Christmas after being overwhelmed by funeral expenses. Left with nowhere to go, she, her daughter and her four grandchildren found themselves living in a hotel. While they still had each other, this was far from the Christmas she and her daughter had dreamt of giving the kids.

Linda has been a patient of Dr. Lewis for almost three years now. She has asthma and suffered from bouts of bronchitis. She says, "I thank God that I am blessed to be able to go to Alliance. It is quality care. They have good people in there. Very professional, very nice. I get the medical attention I need, but most of all I get support." When asked what the best part of coming to Alliance is for her, she replied, "The best thing is to know that they've supported me through all the things I've been through, especially in the last year. It's a family. They ARE my family."

When Linda came in for a visit with Dr. Lewis during Christmas week, the receptionist noticed her anxiety over sharing her address change. Linda and her family were now residing in a hotel. The Alliance staff was immediately compelled to help. In a last-minute crisis, the staff was able to pull together money to help pay for temporary shelter, a gift basket full of food, grocery cards, and toys, games and stockings for the children. Linda's family was able to celebrate the holiday together with joy and gratitude in their hearts, even in their time of darkness. "I call Dr. Lewis and Joi (Director of Pastoral Care and Counseling) my angels. You don't get that anywhere else and it's a blessing," shared Linda. We hope to be able to provide more help, hope and blessings again this holiday season, with your support!

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