Health problems keeping her down- how she found hope.

Imagine you had a job; you were working and supporting yourself, but debilitating health problems cost you your livlihood. Here is how one woman found a way to deal with her health issues: Six years ago, Bene had to quit her job working through temporary agencies because of her progressing health issues. She suffers from disc and knee problems that cause her too much pain to stand and endure the physical work typical of temporary agency assignments. With no health insurance and therefore limited options, Bene would go to the WakeMed emergency room just to get prescriptions filled. With the average emergency room visit costing over $1,000, and in addition to being out of work due to her medical issues, this was truly a hard way to take care of herself.


Bene was finally referred Alliance Medical Ministry, where she found hope, and started seeing Dr. Joyner. “The staff is very good,” she says, “They call to remind you of your appointments and if, for whatever reason, your doctor will not be there, they let you know. They also call to let you know when your medicine is ready.” Bene says that what she appreciates the most at Alliance is the genuine care she receives from every one of the staff members. She says that it, “is a blessing that I can go to Alliance and get the care I need and get my medicine for free.” Because of her constant disc and knee problems, Bene had to have two MRIs done, after which, she was referred for physical therapy, costing her only $20. When asked what Bene hoped would happen for Alliance, her reply was, “I really pray that people would sponsor Alliance or volunteer because they are doing a great job.”