Just Keep Going!

A high-spirited, sweet young woman. A WakeMed Rehabilitation Center volunteer. A gracious patient who aspires to become a CNA. Meet Jamie Worrells, uninsured Wake County resident. In March of 2011, Jamie was referred to Alliance following her treatment at Duke Raleigh Hospital for H1N1 and double pneumonia. After getting hit so hard with illness, she absolutely needed to find a medical home.Image

"I had always been overweight, from the time I was little, and learned to just accept it. I'd never been seriously ill and I'd only had to use urgent care a handful of times to address my health," Jamie explained. "But after having H1N1, I couldn't just jump back up and go full speed ahead."

Jamie hadn't been feeling well, but the dedicated employee still went in for her shift at the bowling alley. Once she arrived and began working, she could barely breathe. She knew she had to get help and asked to leave to see a doctor. Fortunate that she didn't wait any longer, her oxygen level was at 20% when she reached the urgent care! She was admitted to Duke Raleigh from there and held for treatment for several days.

"Alliance has helped me to change my attitude. Exercise and a healthy lifestyle aren't just something I HAVE to do, but something I WANT to do. People tell me I'm courageous, but I just take it one day at a time... I'm still a work in progress!" Jamie laughed. Before getting sick, Jamie cared for her grandmother. That's when she discovered her ambition to go back to school to become a CNA. Her visits at Alliance have been further inspiration. "The doctors really care. You're not just a number. I'm just so thankful for their support and encouragement. So, I'm doing the things I need to do to get back to where I can work and go to school to help people. I just have to trust in the Lord and keep going!" Jamie exclaimed hopefully.