Making REAL Changes

In a recent Alliance newsletter, we introduced to a patient named Tony.  He is a compassionate, gentle man whose life dramatically changed while serving 15 years in prison. Following the deaths of his two sisters, it was there that he vowed to God to change his life.  His journey to change has continued following his incarceration due to YOUR past support of Alliance. “Your mind has to be made up that you are gonna change when you come out of prison.  If not, you won’t really change.  So I started working in the chaplain’s office.  I studied the Bible.  I helped a fellow inmate named Michael who had Down syndrome.  I made real changes.”

The one thing Tony could not change while in prison was his health.  “I learned that I had diabetes in prison.  The doctor told me to watch my diet but that was hard with all of the rice and pasta they serve you. It keeps you alive, but it doesn’t help if you have diabetes.  They put me on insulin and I started to gain a lot of weight.  My leg swelled, and I was miserable.”

Five years ago Tony was released and lived in a halfway house. He worked hard to get his life back on track.  But then his sugar went up to 105, and he was forced to turn to the emergency room. Tony no longer had access to providers and insulin to manage his diabetes, and he could not afford to get healthcare on his own. Like many other new Alliance patients, Tony was referred to us when he left the hospital.

Once again Tony has been given a second chance to make real changes, this time for his health.  “I am taking medicine.  Now I exercise 5 times a week!  I don’t feel as sluggish and can do more at work.  I am so grateful for my care at Alliance!  I feel as though I can never repay my doctor, nurses, Alliance staff and YOU for the real concern that has been shown for me.  Being a patient at Alliance gives me the motivation to push more and keep doing what I am doing.”

ImageNow I help deliver and install cabinets I get to take care of my mother.  I also have a medical facility that cares about me and helps mestick to my goals and the changes I have made.  I just wish I could do more to support the ministry at Alliance.”  The benefits Tony has received far exceeds the investment our community has made.  We know other patients feel the same way!

Thank you so much for the investment you have made in Alliance and patients like Tony!  Your support allows Tony and other patients to receive quality, continuous medical care, medicine, health education and support through counseling – all under one roof – in a compassionate and caring environment.

We want Tony and others to be engaged citizens and neighbors.  In this season of anticipation and hope, we are asking you to make an investmentin Alliance.  We are asking you to help others make a real change for better health like Tony.  The work of Alliance improves our overall community, but without your support this work is not possible.  Wehope we can count on your continued support!