“She believed she could, so she did.”

“I was unbelievably out of breath walking to the door,” shared Jamie.  At the young age of 26, Jamie was hospitalized for H1N1 & double pneumonia for an extended amount of time.  Jamie faced that after being sick for so long she physically didn’t have the stamina or endurance to walk very long which prevented her from work that she needed.  After she concluded physical therapy during her time in the hospital, Jamie found her weight back to what is was when she was admitted.  One January day, she came across a flyer that read "Christian Women’s Job Corps" offering a life and job skills class at no cost to help build resume and interview skills.  At the end of the program Jamie would be paired with a mentor to guide her through the physical goals as well the goals she had for herself to find a job.  Jamie may have never had the opportunity to bless us here at Alliance if she hadn’t taken the courageous leap of faith towards Christian Women Job Corps that day, despite all of her setbacks. 

      Soon after she was paired with her mentor, Jamie was informed by a friend of a local trainer that was willing to work with her and continues to work with her to meet the goals she has placed for herself.  Shorty after Jamie started meeting with her trainer she was referred to Alliance. Her father was the only one employed at the time which did not settle well with Jamie because she knew in order to start working again; she needed to seek further treatment.  Jamie’s appreciation for a holistic weight loss approach led her to a medical home here at Alliance.

      “Alliance didn’t make me feel ashamed about the shape I was in,” shared Jamie. She has been a patient of Alliance for almost three years and continues to grace us with her vibrant smile and loving nature.  She shares that her time spent at Alliance has opened her eyes to the proper medical care that she needs.  Obtaining good health has been a journey for Jamie as she continues to “manage portions and participate in daily activities.”Image  Dr. Lewis has been an inspiration for Jamie over the years at Alliance through her love and support.  “She is truly someone special,” says Jamie.  Today Jamie has lost 130 pounds and her success is not over.  Her hard work and dedication for obtaining a healthy lifestyle continues.  Jamie holds the daily reminder around her neck in her hand as she says aloud “she believed she could, so she did.”  This daily inspiration is a keepsake for Jamie to remind herself to never give up.  She shares that Alliance shined a light of hope in her life when she thought there wasn’t any left.  Her aspirations further beyond the weight loss goals she has placed for herself.  Jamie has a strong passion to get back into school to advance her education to land a job as a Certified Nursing Assistant.  The strong desire that Alliance represents for helping others receive the care they need has inspired Jamie to follow in the paths of those she has met.  “I'm not where I want to be yet, just beginning in so many ways.  But when I look back and see where I came from, I am proud of myself, not prideful but proud that I didn't give up and take the easy way out or not try at all.”