Susan’s Story: “Take Charge of Your Health”

Smith, Susan

When Susan sought out Alliance Medical Ministry, it had been a few years since she had seen a doctor. “I didn’t know I had high blood pressure or any other problems, because it has been eight years since I received care through my husband’s company.” Susan realized that she needed to take charge of her health, and Alliance helped her do just that.

For Susan and her husband, their first few visits to Alliance came with shocking news. “They discovered melanoma on my husband’s hand, and referred us to a dermatologist, who then recommended a surgeon. The surgery was expensive, and it just wouldn’t have been possible without the support of Alliance.”

The support also extends beyond the referrals; it starts with a personal relationship. “Dr. Lewis is the best. She gives me advice, and gives me constructive criticism without making me feel like I’m doing it all wrong. And whenever I do something good for my health, she’s reassuring and encouraging.”

In addition to her visits with Dr. Lewis, Susan is also grateful for the pastoral counseling services at Alliance. “I get advice about my health, like walking. I learned that it’s not just good for my physical health, but it’s important for my spiritual health too. I’ve been walking a lot, and I feel better.” After making a personal goal while at Alliance to exercise more, Susan and her daughter recently completed their first 5K and take Zumba classes together! Susan’s advice for others is to be honest with doctors, and to listen to their advice. “Realize that no one else can take charge of our health but ourselves, and don’t put off taking care of yourself. I am thankful that there is a service like Alliance which allows me to take charge of my health.”

Susan is used to taking care of others, but now with the support of the Alliance Community she can take care of herself.