Deborah's Story: "Alliance Makes it Work."

Deborah did not intend to find Alliance, but it was so important that she did.  In 2011 she was hospitalized for abnormal heart rhythms and heart attack, but had no insurance to cover the costs of her care. It was a hospital social worker that helped her find Alliance. She says, “I didn’t have health coverage and I hated doctor’s visits. I only went when I absolutely had to go.”

Since then Deborah has become a regular patient at Alliance, and her outlook on healthcare has changed. “Now I have Dr. Lewis, and she makes me feel really comfortable about everything.”After a year and a half with Alliance Medical Ministry, Deborah says that what she appreciates most is the friendliness and dedication of the staff. “It’s been a wonderful experience. Everyone is just so caring and helpful!”

It’s clear when speaking to Deborah that she is grateful to have found Alliance when she did.  “I’ve always been self-sufficient, so it was really hard for me to ask for help. Alliance finds a way to make it work for you, they make it work for you and they really help.”

If you would like to provide a medical home for a neighbor like Deborah, please follow the link below to learn more about how you can help sponsor a patient visit.

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