The Beat Goes on for Timothy...

Here is Timothy holding his old jeans from back in the day! “I am an original member of Trouble Funk,” shared Timothy.  Trouble Funk is a funk band from Washington, DC that made “go-go” music popular in the 80’s.  “I played percussion. We started in DC, but then traveled the world playing music.”

Towards the end of his career, Timothy weighed 465 pounds.  “I worked all night and then would eat bad food before I would go to bed.” He finally realized that he needed to do something.  Before too long, Timothy had lost 145 pounds!

As Timothy retired from the band and prepared to move to Raleigh to be near family, his friends told him that by moving to “the south” he would gain his weight back.  Determined to prove them wrong, Timothy found Alliance at the suggestion of his family.

At his first appointment last April, his weight had already sneaked back up to 387.  “I really did not know I was in bad health,” Timothy said.  “But after talking with Dr. Hicks I learned there was so much more I needed to do.  “Now I walk six days a week.  I eat smaller portions.  When the weight started to come off, I was motivated to do more.  I eat more fruits and vegetables now than I ever have.  The best part is that everyone is so proud of me!”

This is Timothy now following an additional 60 pound weight loss after becoming an Alliance patient!

Now, just 9 months after Timothy joined the Alliance family, he lost 60 pounds! “It’s hard to make a complete life change, but Alliance has kept me focused.”   Timothy is enjoying his retirement and his family. He still plays with Trouble Funk if they have a large national concert. We are proud to be part of Timothy’s second act in life!

The show must go on! Based on Timothy’s income, he does not make enough money to qualify for healthcare subsidies through the Affordable Care Act.  He can’t afford health insurance, does not qualify for Medicaid, and has a few more years before he will qualify for Medicare.  Timothy is one of tens of thousand adults in Wake County who still reside in the healthcare gap. When he is eligible for Medicare, our healthcare system will gain a healthier man who goes by the beat of his own drum!