Come Get Busy at Alliance Medical Ministry

busy bee Our wonderful volunteers who share their time, talent and treasure with Alliance now have a special name, The Busy Bees! Alliance “Busy Bees” help us pollinate, grow and provide compassionate medical care for our neighbors. Below is a list of the awesome individuals who volunteered in 2013. Please join Alliance in thanking them for their service!

If you would like to become a Busy Bee, let us know! Applications are online and are the best way to start the process. As you buzzzzzz about this opportunity, you can get the nectar flowing by considering the following sample.

Group Options:

  • Community Garden: Help plant, weed and nurture our garden. We can work with your group to pick a special day, or come out on one of our regular work days: April 26, May 17, June 28, July 26, August 23, September 27, October 25, and November 22.
  • Service Days: Come on-site and help with yard and building maintenance. Projects will be based on your group’s skills and interest.
  • Collection Drives: Contact the office for a complete list is needs. Sample drives include office supplies (copy paper, stamps, pens, etc.), diabetic kits, OTC (over-the-counter) medications, and healthy snacks.


Individual Options:

  • Clinical /Specialty Physician:       Provide medical care to Alliance patients.
  • Clinic Support: Provide nursing support by assembling charts, requesting medical records, completing medications paperwork, etc.
  • Medical Interpreter: Assist Spanish-speaking patients, translate for doctors (if certified), and make follow-up reminder calls.
  • Patient Services & Administrative Support: Assist Patient Services team with greeting patients, phone calls, mailings and general office support.
  • Alliance “Ambassador”:       especially at your church, to share the Alliance story, or as an Alliance representative at a mission or health fair.
  • Development/Annual Fund Committee: Help with creation, planning and execution of annual giving campaigns.


If you have special talents, skills, or interests not mentioned above, but want to volunteer at Alliance, please let us know! Contact Elizabeth Daniel at 919-250-3320 X 422 or





Deidre Albert

LyTonya Alexander

Betsy Allen

Debbie Allison

Will Alphin

Ayodele Amodu

Omaira Andersen

Sandy Anthony

Alexis Arzuaga

Jason Ashe

Kelly Bachman

Jeff Barber

Libby Barber

Bob Barksdale

Carol Barksdale

Marlene Batchelor

Ronnie Batchelor

Margaret Bates

Mark Bensen

May Bensen

Carol Bilbro

Robert Bilbro

Kasey Black

Elizabeth Blair

Anna Neal Blanchard

Josh Bloom

Elizabeth Borden

Martin Borden

Elizabeth Bradshaw

Shawn Brewster

Bryan Brice

Carson Brice

Hope Holding Bryant

Amy Buckthal

James Buckthal

Ann Bullard

Matt Bullard

Kristen Burke

Holly Burge

Christopher Capel

Sarah Capel

Jennifer Carr

Jude Carr

Stephen Chiavetta

John Church

Nancy Church

George Clark

Pam Clark

Jack Clayton

Mary Clayton

Catherine Cline

Linda Crocker

Andrea Crumpton

Jim Crumpton

Justin Cyrus

Norma Cyrus

Elizabeth Daniel

Chris Daugherty

Laura Davidson

Mark Davidson

Bo Dempster

Elizabeth Dempster

Lindsey Denning

Hearon Dickson

Pam Dickson

Bob Dietz

Bill Dixon

Elizabeth Dixon

Becky Dobosy

Doug Donnald

Paige Donnald

Elise Dorsett

Jim Dorsett

Wynn Dorsett

Margaret Douglas

Rans Douglas

Roberta Farwell

Robert Flowers

Rebecca Forbes

Emily Fountain

Richard Fountain

Debbie Fox

Sheldon Fox

Ella Frantz

Stuart Frantz

Susan Fuller

Rick Gannotta

Sandeep Gavankar

Monifa Gethers

Bill Giles

Linda Giles

Jimmy Glover

Tina Glover

Darrell Gordon

Marcie Gordon

Juan Granados

Karen Green

Gordon Grubb

Sallie Grubb

Maria Guerra

Donna Gurkin

Chauncey Handy

Karen Harrison

Sean Harrison

Jennie Hayman

Wilson Hayman

Charles Helton

Eileen Hendren

Regina Heroux

Bonny Herrington

Robert Herrington

Tom Hester

Sandra Hill

Larry Hines

Tom Hines

Jim Hinnant

Sarah Hinnant

Elizabeth Hogan

John Hogan

Cindy Holmes

Ken Howard

Martha Howard

Loree Idol

Ann Janvier

Bill Janvier

Carolyn Johnson

Earl Johnson

Melissa Johnson

Christa Jones-Hooker

Kay Jordan

Sheryl Joyner

Walton Joyner

Laura Kalorin

Calvin Kirven

Helen Kirven

Margaret Land

Don Lawrence

Sharon Lawrence

Aaron Leininger

Adrian Little

Shirley Livengood

Saskya Manjarrez-Lopez

Carole Marcotte

Rick Marcotte

Beth McCain

Paul McCain

Louise McCoy

Steve McCoy

Bo McDonald

Anne McLaurin

Emily McNair

Parham McNair

Charles Meeker

Juana Mikels

Terry Mikels

Pres Millen

Siobahn Millen

Kristen Monahan

Michael Monahan

Neil Morris

Mary Moss

William Moss

Howard Moye

Jill Moye

Harriet Myers

Annika Nachtigall

Joyce Newman

Marc Newman

Cecile Noel

Lauren Norris

John Paar

Lisa Pace

Peter Pace

Lisa Parker

Rory Parnell

Steven Peedin

Ashlee Perkinson

Gerald Petkau

Ginnie Pitler

Michelle Pleasant

Bill Pollock

Ed Pupa

Mary Ruth Pupa

Megg Rader

Robert Rader

Trent Ragland

Wes Ragland

Carol Rahmani

Anne Ramsay

George Ramsay

Tate Repiogle

Micaela Riddle

Franklin Roberts

Martha Roberts

Noell Robertson

Sandra Rosero-Tapia

Skip Roy

John Rusher

Mary Nash Rusher

John Russell

Kelley Russell

Carina Saavedra

Mark Sakr

Claudia Sarria

Graham Satisky

Bryan Schroeder

J. R. Shearin

Hannah Sigmon

Hardin Sigmon

Dana Simpson

Caroline Smart

David Smart

Brendan Smith

Lee Smith

Nan Smith

Terry Snyder

Bettie Sousa

David Sousa

Scottie Springer

Morgan Stafford

Steven Stafford

Tammie Stanton

Libby Staub

Richard Staub

Laurie Sugg

Sam Sugg

Carol Thomas

Danny Thomas

Rex Thomas

Elizabeth Thompson

Tyrrel Turk

Bob Van Wormer

Bob Vaughan

Merry Vaughan

Robert Weaver

Susan Weaver

David Weitz

William Wheless

Kim Whitehead

Erwin Williams

Mary Clark Williams

Joi Williams

Claire Wilson

David Wilson

Hannah Wilson

Harriet Wilson

Jamie Winston

Ann Wooten

Ron Wooten

Carter Worthy

David Yopp


*Names are based on logged hours.