"Eternally grateful"

By: Dr. Tara Burnett-Lewis, Medical Director

"Relationship".  When most people hear the word or see it in print, visions of romantic evenings or walks along the beach may come to mind.  Over the last several months, I’ve used this word frequently when explaining my thoughts about medicine. Simply put:  when you have good relationships, you have good medicine.

Being able to walk in a room and know when something is different about a person based on the long relationship you've had with them is invaluable as a physician. Body language tells me what the person may be too frightened to say with his or her mouth.  As a doctor at this practice, I am able to walk with my patients as they journey through the trials of their lives.  

Each day, I'm reminded of how important these relationships are, and why the work I do here is so special.  Today was extra special.

Just before lunch today, a patient came in with her daughter and two granddaughters with a basket of donuts in hand and a card.


While an act of kindness like this is not unusual at Alliance, I was struck by the relationship of the individuals. Standing before me were three generations of women who, thanks to my relationship with our patient, were expressing their gratitude to me. Gratitude for helping their matriarch, their nana. Gratitude for helping her to be more active and available to them thanks to her knee replacement. Gratitude for encouraging her to have more energy to make AMAZING donuts, homemade because her chronic health conditions are under control.

To all of our supporters:  thank you for allowing us to form strong and meaningful relationships with our patients. Thank you for allowing us to provide the comprehensive and holistic care to allow our patients to take back their health and become healthier parents, spouses, and citizens.  We're not just thankful; we're eternally grateful!