Patient Spotlight: Dorothy Patterson

Meet Dorothy. 

Grandmother, two-time cancer survivor, million step walker.

Dorothy Patterson is a force to be reckoned with. A ten-year patient of Alliance and Dr. Sheryl Joyner, she has overcome cancer on two different occasions, works full-time, and often fits 46,000 steps into her day.

"You have to face each day with a smile," she says.  "It's important for me, especially with my situation and history with cancer, to keep my body healthy."  

How does Dorothy stay healthy?

"I garden." 

Dorothy participated in the spring Seed to Supper program at Alliance, growing her own vegetables in the Alliance Community Garden this summer. "I love gardening.  It's in my blood, I have a green thumb.  I love to see how beautiful my garden looks – it’s a blessing for people who can’t afford to get veggies that you can help feed them too."


"I walk." 

Dorothy accepted the Million Step Challenge this spring, walking sometimes 46,000 steps daily.  She ended the Challenge with 2,058,611 steps!

"I cook."

Dorothy was excited to join this Fall's Cooking Matters @ Alliance course, where she joins other patients and their families to learn how to meal plan, grocery shop, and cook healthy and delicious meals on a budget.


"Being able to share and do all these things at the doctor’s office is incredible and makes it so easy."


Dorothy, you are an inspiration for us all!