June Garden Report: Jesse Crouch, Garden and Wellness Coordinator

It's the most wonderful time of the year in our Community Garden!  We've planted zucchini, squash, tomatoes, snap peas, and many other vegetables that will begin producing for our patients.  

Our pollinator garden is in full bloom, and our bees have settled in nicely, thanks to the gracious support of Alice Hinman of Apiopolis.  We are incredibly grateful to those volunteers who have already lent a hand in our Garden during the Spring and early summer.

Come Dig in our Garden!

There's lots of time left in the growing season to get dirty!  Join us on one of our regular Garden workdays, or reach out to me directly to schedule, garden@alliancemedicalministry.org:

Second Saturdays, 9 am to 12 pm
July 8 / August 12 / September 9 / October 14 / November 11

Fourth Wednesdays, 5 pm to 7 pm
June 28 / July 26 / August 23 / September 27 / October 25

Veggie Spotlight: "It wasn't even that chard"

This Spring, it's been incredibly fun to work with this tasty, easy to manage, and highly productive crop of chard. We have about 66 plants in about 63 square feet of garden space. In the past two months months we've harvested over 60 pounds of this nutritious vegetable for our patients!  A heat tolerant plant, they should keep going strong through the warm weather. 

Photo courtesy of Ashley Frazier via AllRecipes.com

Photo courtesy of Ashley Frazier via AllRecipes.com

Looking for some inspiration of how to prepare this leafy green?  Try Sauteed Swiss Chard with Parmesan Cheese, courtesy of All Recipes. 


Seed to Supper

Our Seed to Supper Gardening Class graduates have planted summer vegetables in their new growing spaces at Alliance, and are beginning to see the fruits of their labor. Green thumbs on the rise!!!

As always, please contact us if you'd like to get involved. We can always use the support of volunteers in our Wellness Programs and in the Garden. Come be a part of a an organization that connects diverse communities through food and health!

Much peace, love and good vibes!

Jesse Crouch, Garden and Wellness Program Coordinator

919-250-3320 x436