April 2018 Volunteer Spotlight: Millie Herget

Millie Herget & Laura Casiano.JPG

After a varied career -- including owning M. Herget Stationer and Soulier Shoes for 25 years, serving as an academic adviser at NC State University for 19 years, and even working as a spy during the Vietnam War -- Millie Herget finally retired in 2016. 

"When I retired, I decided to spend the year finding out what I wanted to do. I wouldn’t allow myself to commit. People gave me all kinds of ideas and I had the opportunity to do research."

Millie had heard about Alliance Medical Ministry and remembered her friend Dr. Anne McLaurin seeing patient here, and wanted to learn more.

"I come from a medical family. I’m a caregiver. I believe everyone should have equal care. Everyone should have a chance to learn about wellness. I believe in mind, body, and spirit, so [Alliance's approach] goes together well for me.  I’ve found it so remarkable that you’ve done what you said you were going to do!"

Millie volunteers weekly with Patient Eligibility, meeting with prospective patients to review their patient application and educate them on the comprehensive care, counseling, and wellness opportunities available at Alliance.

Millie's educational background includes a Masters in Counseling Education from N.C. State University. Although she is not counseling patients at Alliance, she finds the listening skills she learned within her life's work serve her well as she walks through the eligibility process with patients. "The people I meet with are friendly, caring, and so relieved that they have an affordable option for medical care. It's wonderful to hear each individual's personal story. I’ve got that time to be a listening ear."

Lara Casiano, Eligibility Coordinator, loves working with Millie! "Millie is a perfect fit when it comes to making patients feel welcomed. Her wonderful patience and heartwarming personality certainly makes patient feel we are here to help them. Millie is also always willing to help staff and keeps us with a smile when she is here."