Enjoy an evening of fine art and fine dining!

The evening begins at Adam Cave Fine Art with wine and appetizers, and an opportunity to learn more about the gallery and talk to a local or regional artist. The artist presence is dependent upon when the event is scheduled. The Adam Cave Fine Art Gallery is located on the second floor of an historic, 130-year-old building, originally built for the African American Oddfellows Club. The gallery represents over 25 painters, printmakers, photographers and sculptors. 

After cocktails, walk across the street to owner Van Nolintha’s Bida Manda for a four-course chef dinner. Dinner does not include beverages. The popular downtown restaurant features Laotian cuisine, which is a “thoughtful marriage of Thai, Vietnamese, and Chinese cooking refined by French technique.”

"Shortly after opening his unique restaurant on Blount Street, Van Nolintha made a special point of visiting our gallery and introducing himself. It did not take long for us to sense a common sensibility in what we both did. This was made even more clear when we began dining at Bida Manda. The restaurant's attention to detail -- from the food, to the cocktails, to the decor -- mirrors what we look for in the artists we represent. In both the gallery and the restaurant, visitors are treated to a wide array of experiences whether they are for the eye or for the taste buds. It is our great pleasure to share this sensibility with supporters of the Alliance."  -Adam Cave

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