Our Mission

Alliance Medical Ministry provides access to comprehensive primary healthcare to working, uninsured adults in Wake County.

At the end of 2016, an estimated 90,000 adult residents of Wake County are uninsured and lack access to affordable medical care. Alliance is a medical home to about 3,000 uninsured adults.  Read more about the health of Wake County here.

People who lack insurance are at higher risk of going without needed care, such as a doctor’s visit for a chronic condition, preventative screenings or filling a prescription for an illness due to their limited ability to pay providers directly for services.

Alliance Medical Ministry offers comprehensive primary medical care, select specialty care and screenings, on-site lab work, access to affordable prescription medication for qualifying patients, mental health services, and a Wellness Program.

Our Vision

To support the health and well being of our community by offering quality comprehensive medical care to a vulnerable population that maximizes resources and produces optimum patient outcomes for healthier, more engaged lives. 

Our Core Values

The core values of Alliance Medical Ministry are based on the fundamental belief that all people are of worth and value, created equally by God. In carrying out our mission Alliance embraces the following four values:  

Compassionate Care and Service

Based on God’s call to Love Thy Neighbor, Alliance is committed to caring for our working uninsured neighbors.  All patients will be treated with respect, compassion and integrity.  Alliance staff, board and volunteers are privileged to serve our patients.  Alliance is committed to building a community of trust with patients, partners, volunteers and donors.

Extraordinary Primary Care

Alliance is committed to providing outstanding primary care in a patient centered medical home, with measurable clinical results that meet or exceed national quality metrics and outcomes for insured patients in private practice. 

Professionalism and Integrity

Alliance is committed to a professional work environment where patients, staff and volunteers are treated with respect, and where teamwork, honesty and transparency is valued and expected.

Innovation and Leadership

Alliance is committed to leveraging innovative approaches of care to address cost, quality, and access challenges faced by the uninsured population. Alliance values collaborative solutions with patients, partners, and donors, and seeks opportunities to openly share all knowledge gained to improve patient care locally, regionally and nationally. 

Our History

Alliance was founded in direct response to God’s call to serve.  When Dr. Charlie Mann was at a training conference in the late 90’s, he learned about a unique health clinic that combined primary care, health education, wellness and counseling and focused on low-income adults.  Inspired by what he had seen, Charlie immediately came back to his church, First United Methodist Church in Cary, and shared his vision with others.  Sean Harrison, Jack Stone and David Wilson were moved by the concept to create an environment that could truly treat “the whole person.”  Together, these four men, with a variety of professional backgrounds, founded Alliance Medical Ministry.   

After much research, it was determined that the largest healthcare gap in our community was low-income working adults.  These are individuals who make too much to qualify for government support, but not enough to afford to purchase health insurance. This was true when Alliance was founded in 2001, and still holds true today.

Alliance moved into its current location on the corner of New Bern Avenue and Donald Ross Drive in 2008.

Alliance moved into its current location on the corner of New Bern Avenue and Donald Ross Drive in 2008.