What is iGive?

"iGive" is a monthly giving program supporting comprehensive healthcare for Alliance patients all year long:

  • The majority of Alliance patients suffer from two or more chronic illnesses, balancing multiple medications

  • Monthly support through iGive enables Alliance to support these patients through medical care, health education, and wellness services 

  • iGive support enables Alliance to change the healthcare landscape for our patients and the health of all of Wake County by providing preventative healthcare.



What is the impact of iGive?

  • $10/month: Provide nutrition education & exercise opportunities for patients

  • $25/month: Provide diabetes education for newly-diagnosed diabetic patients with staff nurses

  • $50/month:  Provide 6 patient visits to Alliance

  • $___/month: (minimum monthly gift of $10)

What is the Alliance Circle?

The Alliance Circle is a giving circle supporting the health of three female patients over two years:

  • Sixty-nine percent of Alliance patients are women, and the average patient supports a household of three on $19,900 annually

  • Women are characteristically the healthcare decision makers in their household, acting as primary caretakers to children, grandchildren or other relatives, often sacrificing their own healthcare for others

  • In 2016, 31 women, men, and community groups have joined, with a two-year financial impact of $80,000


What is the Alliance Circle impact?

A two-year $2,400 total gift, supporting the healthcare for three women:

  • Monthly $100 gifts

  • Quarterly $300 gifts

  • Yearly $1,000 gift

  • One-time $2,400 gift

Yes!  I want to join iGive or the Alliance Circle:

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Financial information about Alliance Medical Ministry and a copy of its license are available from the State Solicitation Licensing Section at (919) 807-2214. The license is not an endorsement by the State.  Contributions made to Alliance Medical Ministry support our mission of providing quality, affordable healthcare to uninsured, Wake County adults.