Low-cost gardening can help reduce your monthly food budget.

Alliance partners with Inter-Faith Food Shuttle on Seed to Supper,
a six-week beginner gardening course.


How it works:

  • 6-week course taught by three different Master Gardener volunteers

  • First hour of each class learning basics and essentials; second hour hands-on work in Alliance Community Garden

  • Learn the basics of

    • Pest management

    • Diseases

    • Weed control

    • How to harvest

    • Preserving techniques

    • Creating a garden map

  • Each participant that attends four of the five classes is eligible to apply to receive the installment of a backyard garden worth 150 dollars!

What are the benefits:

  • Fruits and vegetables from your own garden are higher in nutrients than those that have traveled to get to the grocery store

  • Reduce the amount of pesticides on the fruits and vegetables you eat

  • Save money

  • Increases physical activity

  • Deeper connection with your food and sense of appreciation for what you grow

Contact Jesse Crouch, Director of Garden & Wellness Programs, to learn more:  garden@alliancemedicalministry.org