1. Make a gift to Alliance Medical Ministry.

2. Reply to this email by midnight on Thursday, February 11th with a list of up to 10 individuals to whom you'd like to send Valentine's Day cards, with their First and Last Names and email addresses, and who the card is from (you, you and your spouse, the Smith family, etc.).

3.  On Valentine's Day morning, card recipients will see an e-card from you in their Inbox featuring a painting especially created for Alliance by Raleigh artist Emily Lackey, with the message, "Wishing you a happy and healthy Valentine's Day!".  

4. All donors and card recipients will be included in a drawing to win the original work by Emily (8" x 8" acrylic and gouache)
, which will be unveiled in the Valentine's Day emails.  An announcement regarding the winner of the piece will be made the week of February 15th.

About the artist:

Raleigh-based Emily Lackey invokes a joyful spirit into everything she creates. She works in a variety of mediums, including acrylic paint, watercolors, pastels and pencil, and the pure happiness she feels when she's working can't help but translate onto the canvas and then into your home.

Emily has always dabbled in art but has recently felt called to dedicate more time to painting. "I was sitting in church on a Sunday listening to our pastor speak about sharing our individual gifts. I felt so inspired to serve and share, but wondered what I could offer."

Emily was later approached by a local non-profit to donate a painting to a fundraising event.  "The excitement I felt by the opportunity to use my art as a way to raise money and awareness to needs in our community helped me realize that art may be my gift to share!  My artistic abilities feel humbly God-given. I know it's a gift and I'm grateful I'm able to share it."  With one child in kindergarten, one in preschool and now just one at home, Emily now uses her small windows of downtown as a creative outlet to paint! 

You can find Emily's work in the children's store Progeny Shoppe, via her website, and at home shows in Raleigh, Wilmington and Charlotte.  She takes commissioned work upon request, and can be reached by email or on Instagram


"I am inspired by Alliance's commitment to provide healthcare to hardworking families in Wake County.  Every citizen should have access to healthcare.  Alliance is helping make that right a reality in our community."

Examples of Emily Lackey's work: