Wake County is the healthiest county in North Carolina. Yet 90,000 residents are uninsured, and many are in poor health.

Health is affected by where and how we live, work, play and learn.  

The 2016 Wake County Community Health Needs Assessment

identified four priority areas to be addressed over the next three years:

  1. Health Insurance Coverage
  2. Transportation
  3. Access to Health Services
  4. Mental Health

Even with healthcare reform, 90,000 Wake County individuals remain in the so-called healthcare “gap” -- they make too much for and otherwise do not qualify for Medicaid, do not earn enough to be eligible for healthcare subsidies, and cannot afford to purchase health insurance on their own.  

Without access to affordable, quality healthcare, individuals are less likely to

  • Visit a doctor's office for a chronic condition
  • Seek preventative care
  • Fill a prescription due to limited ability


  • About one in six low-income adults are in fair or poor health
  • About a third of low-income adults have a diagnosed chronic condition
  • Uninsured individuals are more likely to die early
  • The average non-emergency ER visit costs $1200 - $1500

Without a medical home, many small health issues are not addressed and become bigger problems, which in turn are more expensive and difficult to treat.