Alliance Medical Ministry proudly supports the proposed Wake County Transit Plan

Vote YES on November 8!

Alliance Medical Ministry is focused on improving health outcomes and is creating powerful community partnerships that will enable everyone, especially those facing the greatest challenges, with the opportunity to live well.

Alliance Medical Ministry recognizes that health and well-being are greatly influenced by where we live, work, the safety of our surroundings, and the relationships we have in our families and communities. 

Alliance Medical Ministry is committed along with our partners to identifying and addressing gaps in health and creating conditions that give everyone the opportunity to achieve the best health possible.

Alliance Medical Ministry is on a major bus route and many of our patients rely on public transportation to travel to and from Alliance, work, childcare, school, grocery stores, pharmacies and home.  By supporting the Wake Transit Plan we are supporting expanded access to healthcare, education, entertainment, and jobs to all Wake County citizens including our patients. Transit helps create walkable and therefore healthier communities that also enjoy better air quality.  Through expanded hours and routes, broader access, and by linking Wake locations with the entire Triangle region, the Plan will connect people with an even wider array of jobs and opportunities.

Read about the Wake County Transit Plan here