Why Alliance Matters

There is a compelling need to care for uninsured patients in a way that minimizes the inappropriate use of emergency room services, while maximizing the quality, continuity, and availability of the medical care they receive.  

Alliance is a medical home to nearly 7,000 adults who fall within the healthcare "gap", and we are accepting new patients.  WakeMed refers new patients each month to AMM for follow-up services after an ED visit or hospitalization, and AMM receives other referrals monthly from the community (including Rex HospitalDuke Health Raleigh HospitalWake County Human Services).  

Here's a little information on our patients:

  • The average Alliance patient lives in a household of three and supports his or her family on $19,907 a year, or 111% of the Federal Poverty Level.  
  • 68% of Alliance's patients are women.  
  • 78% of our patients deal with at least one chronic illness, and 55% deal with two or more.  
  • Although many of our patients can afford the premiums for health insurance, they cannot afford the co-pays, deductibles, or medications through their insurance plans.

Once an individual becomes a patient at Alliance, he or she is assigned to a provider's panel and sees the same provider each visit, providing a continuity in medical care. Our medical staff helps our patients confront and manage their health issues head-first.  We help our qualified patients obtain free or reduced cost medications.  Our Pastoral Care & Counseling Team helps our patients deal with issues that impact their physical health, including depression and anxiety.  We also offer our patients access to our free Wellness Program, which includes access to fresh fruits and vegetables, health education and exercise opportunities.

We are seeing the results!

  • 43% fewer ER visits
  • 30% fewer missed days of work
  • 97% see a marked improvement in their health
    • Lower A1c levels (blood sugar)
    • Weight loss
    • Peer support
    • Increased confidence