Heartthrob of the Week: Carol

“You don’t have to be here very long to just feel that there’s special work going on at Alliance,” says Carol Rahmani, who volunteers as a counselor. She joined our family in September as our first volunteer psychologist. Carol has gone above and beyond in fulfilling her role by working with Joi Williams, Director of Pastoral Care and Counseling, to develop and recruit volunteers for the Pastoral Care and Counseling Team and has even recruited two former colleagues to serve our patients! More importantly, she has brought a loving heart and a touching story to Alliance. Carol is an NC State graduate and has a passion for the Raleigh area. With the exception of only one year, she has lived here since college. She worked in Wake County Schools as a psychologist and spent a great deal of time on administrative management, supervising counselors and working directly with parents. After retiring four years ago, her husband became terminally ill and passed away. This huge loss was very challenging and left a hole in her heart. After some time, she decided that she wanted and needed to find a volunteer opportunity where she could give back and be of service to the community she loves so much.  Carol’s goal was to find an outlet where she could refocus her energy in a positive way.

A friend of Carol’s knew that Alliance was in need of mental health professionals and encouraged Carol to get involved. She met Joi and quickly came on board. “We are blessed to have Carol!  Not just because of the high professional skill set that she brings to our patients, but because Carol truly is part of the Alliance Family,” shares Joi. “Outside of Alliance, our patients would have to pay $80 to $120 to have a counseling session with a professional like Carol. But because she is willing to share her talents at Alliance, our patients have access to services that are disappearing in our community to those without insurance.  By treating the mind and the body, we can have more impact in the overall health of our community.”

“The staff has just embraced those of us volunteering with the Pastoral Care and Counseling team, and it does feel like a family,” Carol says of her experience with us. But her favorite part about volunteering at Alliance is “being able to serve. I spent 30 years doing that, and I think it’s in my blood. Then you get to the end of your career and you’re looking forward to retirement, but there’s something missing if you don’t find a way to fulfill that desire to serve. Alliance is a setting where you can serve and make a difference. They are a good fit for me!” Carol had considered other volunteer opportunities, but felt best about being at Alliance. “In pastoral care and counseling, you run into all different kinds of people and get to experience their touching personal stories. People come here initially for medical care, but then we get to help them through their unimaginable pain and misery. I just think Alliance helps support them in ways that go far beyond the excellent medical care that you expect of Alliance.”

Carol is excited that she is able to apply the skills she learned while working in Wake County Schools at Alliance. The mission and target population of Alliance is different, but the same root problems exist such as financial struggles, family differences, and even sometimes, abuse. She has found her nitch, but feels that is possible for anyone who wants to be involved!

Thank you, Carol, for your hard work, dedication and enthusiasm! You have poured your heart into Alliance and we are glad to share ours with you!