Love Thy Neighbor Campaign

Dear Alliance Family,

     You may not know me, but you helped me when I was sick and did not have insurance. Thank you for your unconditional support!

     Who am I? I'm Caleb, a fellow supporter of Alliance Medical Ministry. But I was a patient first. Less than a decade ago, I was new to the area, in my early 20's and was working temp jobs. Upon being referred to Alliance, I was given a shock. I, an uninsured worker, was receiving kindness and quality, professional healthcare! I was so impressed that I paid more than my allotted sliding scale fee. I only visited Alliance once more before I got a full time job with benefits, but I never forgot the care and support I received there.

     Someone like you assisted me to get care when I needed help, and ever since my first visit, I have been compelled to do the same. Just over 600 of us gave last year to support Alliance Medical Ministry. Without us, the tangible results of a medical home for the working uninsured in our community would not be possible. Our gifts make a huge difference!

     I challenge you to not wait until the end of the year, but to make a gift to Alliance now. I tithe a portion of my earnings back to Alliance each month, and if you'd like, you can do the same! Together we can be there for someone who simply needs a hand up.

     Thank you again for being there for me when I needed the help! I am honored to be a part of the Alliance Family with you!

Gratefully yours,

Joshua Caleb Dillon