A Good Match for Tracey

tracey jackson “I came in crying and Dr. McLaurin said, ‘Don’t worry, we will fix you from head to toe.”

Tracey came to Alliance four years ago following the emergency room. She was most surprised to find “a doctor that cares.” At Alliance she has been able to manage her hypertension, but more importantly she has found a place where she feels safe and can share.

“At Alliance I found assurance. I was able to get my medications and referrals to other services.” Then at the suggestion of her doctor, Tracey found Pastoral Care and Counseling to deal with anxiety and issues from the past that impacted her overall health.

“Toby kept encouraging me until I felt comfortable to speak,” shared Tracey. “Before I felt scattered and lost. Now I feel like I finally have roots firmly planted and have started to bloom.” Toby, our Director of Pastoral Care and Counseling, currently meets with Tracey every two weeks to work through her anxiety.

“As Tracey has grown to trust in our care, she has grown to trust herself and her ability to approach adversity differently,” shared Toby. “It is a blessing to watch her transform as she discovers herself in new ways and makes health choices that reflect the fruit of her improved self care.”

“I am so proud of Tracey!” shared Dr. McLaurin. “She truly has come a long way since she became our patient.” Tracey found a perfect match at Alliance. Together with Dr. McLaurin and Toby she can address many issues to improve her overall health and life.