Debbie Allison: living faith through service to others

Debbie Allison (left) and Ingrid Escobar (right) Debbie Allison has admired Alliance Medical Ministry since the beginning. “I heard about Alliance at my church, First United Methodist Church in Cary, when it was first being organized in Wake County.” From the first time that Debbie heard about Alliance, she has been inspired by the mission. “For years I've felt that our approach to healthcare in the United States is both shortsighted and shows a disregard for human needs. With all the wealth in our country, we should be doing a better job of providing basic healthcare to everyone, not just those who can afford insurance.” It was the concept of Alliance that interested Debbie from the start, and the more she learned about it the more she wanted to help. “I was interested in how Alliance works with healthcare resources in Wake County to provide healthcare that both reduces total cost and improves people's health”. So as soon as Debbie began working part time and had an opportunity to volunteer, she increased her involvement Alliance family!

Debbie assists Ingrid Escobar, Patient Referral Coordinator, with referrals for specialist care. “It could be calling the specialist office who is providing free access, calling WakeMed or UNC to arrange an appointment, it could be gathering and sending the patient information that we provide to the specialist, or it could be calling the client to notify or remind them of their appointment or actions needed.” Debbie is thrilled at the opportunity to help improve the health of patients here with every phone call that she makes. “While I'm not a trained healthcare provider, this work affords me the opportunity to have a direct impact on patient needs.”

What Debbie admires most about Alliance, is the compassion and dedication of the people who work here. “Every time I'm here I see both staff and volunteers who are providing compassionate care to a community of God's people. They are living their faith through services to others.”

“You don't have to be in the healthcare field to make an impact in someone's life at Alliance. Take the leap and contact our volunteer coordinator to learn how you too can be a part of this important faith based community service!”

We appreciate everything that Debbie does at Alliance Medical Ministry. If you are interested in volunteering, we encourage you to contact Elizabeth Daniel at to learn about the different opportunities and how you can utilize your skills to better fulfill the needs of our patients here at Alliance.