A new report: Reducing Health Disparities by Poverty Status

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Friends --

A new report has been published by the Institute for Research on Poverty that I wanted to share with you.  While the findings are not surprising to those in healthcare, they are no less compelling, and indicate why supporting comprehensive healthcare organizations like Alliance is critical to the health of our community:

  • Poor individuals are more than four times more likely to delay or forgo needed medical care due to cost than those with middle or high incomes (21.8% vs. 5.1%) (Data from the National Health Interview Survey)
  • The poor were more than nine times more likely than those in middle and high income ranges to forgo needed prescription drugs due to cost (18.3% v 2.85) (National Center for Health Statistics)
  • Proximity of a healthcare facility to their neighborhood is a challenge for the poor
  • A limited supply of health care providers presents further impediments to access for many low-income urban and rural poor persons

Read the full report here, as well as the author's proposals for evidence-based solutions, including promoting and expanding Community Health Centers, training more nurse practitioners and physician assistants.

Friends, Alliance is caring for the uninsured with comprehensive health care in a way that has produced proven results and improved health outcomes -- weight loss, decreased A1c sugar levels, decreased blood pressure, and fewer ER visits:

Results of a summer 2015 patient survey conducted by Alliance and FGI Research, Inc.

Results of a summer 2015 patient survey conducted by Alliance and FGI Research, Inc.

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With our team-based approach to medicine and focus on preventative health with our Wellness Program, we are addressing the health disparities and improving the health of those with the greatest needs in Wake County.  

We need your help to continue doing so!  Have you made a gift to our Love Thy Neighbor campaign?  Or bought a pie through Share the Pie?  As the end of year approaches, I encourage you to think about Alliance in advance of the holiday frenzy with a gift today.