2017 Garden Launch

Our Spring garden is now blessed and well underway, thanks to community and patient support at our April 8th Garden Launch!  

Over 30 individuals -- including two Missional Communities from Edenton Street United Methodist Church -- joined our Garden Launch, helping weed, water, plant and harvest.

Volunteers painted new signs for our garden boxes and terra cotta pots for container gardening.

Volunteers helped lay the groundwork for new herb and pea garden, planted beans, built a trellis for the beans to climb, spread mulch, and pulled weeds to add to compost.

A little landscaping was performed to get our campus ready for Spring!

Alliance Director of Pastoral Care & Counseling Toby Bonar blessed the garden.

Loving God, you have created all that is,
and you deemed it good.
When you created humankind,
you set them in a garden,
where they were to be fruitful, to care for your creation,
and to receive and share your goodness and abundance.
You journeyed with wandering people, and you
delivered them into a fertile land.
You came to be among us and taught us parables about tilling, weeding, preparing good soil, and sowing.
You warned us against building barns for hoarding,
and encouraged us to share with the community.
We stand before you now in this garden,
and thank you for the gift that it is.
We thank you for the many hands
that have toiled out of love for you and neighbor.
Lord, bless this garden to be a blessing,
a place to receive your gifts and share them with others.
We dedicate this garden to you and our neighbors so that,
by your grace, we may till, weed, and prepare our hearts to cultivate, nourish, and harvest your fruitful love.
— Toby Bonar, Director of Pastoral Care & Counseling

We look forward to a bountiful harvest of lettuces, radishes, asparagus, and beans!  Thank you to all for your service.