Volunteer Spotlight: Betsy Allen, MSW, LCSW

Betsy Allen

Betsy Allen joined the Pastoral Care and Counseling team in 2013, and has been a regular volunteer since that time, seeing patients each week for counseling.

Betsy comes to AMM after a full career as a mental health/social work professional, which has included time with the North Carolina Council of Developmental Disabilities and the Wake County School System.

Betsy believes the emotional and spiritual health of individuals is a "part and parcel of a person's whole self. I think of it like a table with four legs -- medical care, diet, exercise, and spiritual/emotional care.  It all ties in together. The physical health mirrors the mental health. The ability to get better depends on resolving personal conflicts. As individuals are able to get a handle on what's troubling them, they're able to work on all parts of their lives.”

Betsy has formed strong relationships with her patients, helping them work through trauma, housing issues, financial challenges and job stress. "There are opportunities at Alliance for me to offer assistance and use my skill set to guide people down their path, their journey." Betsy's background as a long-time social worker in the Wake County area allows her to navigate other agencies and community resources available.

AMM Director of Pastoral Care & Counseling Dr. Toby Bonar shares that "we are so grateful for Betsy's friendship and generosity. She shares freely from her vast wealth of wisdom and compassion. What a gift she is to our patients and the entire Alliance family!"

Alliance thinks about how to do things in a nurturing of the clients, and nurturing of staff. The medical teams are working with people, not at them or to them.  It’s a pleasure to be able to walk with patients on their journey to wellness.
— Betsy Allen, MSW, LCSW