Volunteer Spotlight: Dr. Bob Bilbro, Cardiology

Bilbro Robert.jpg

Dr. Bob Bilbro has retired -- for a second time -- from cardiology. This time, he retires after 10 years of volunteer service at Alliance Medical Ministry.

During his tenure at AMM, Dr. Bilbro volunteered twice monthly, seeing patients diagnosed with a variety of cardiac conditions, and following those who needed ongoing monitoring of heart disease. Dr. Bilbro would interpret EKGs for AMM providers, and would come to AMM to be with patients while they were having a stress echo performed.

“Dr. Bilbro is a loving, giving, gentle soul, who built strong relationships with our patients," says Kim Conklin, AMM Nurse Manager. "He was always reassuring and attentive, offering the best care to all. We have been incredibly fortunate to have a decade of Dr. Bilbro's time and expertise!"

Thank you for your service, Dr. Bilbro!