Heartthrob of the Week: Kimberly Conklin

“I’ve known Kim for about 9 years, since we worked together at the OB-GYN. She has a heart of gold and she’ll bend over backwards for someone!” – Robin Schroeder, RN

“Kim knows so many our patients personally; she knows a lot about them and truly cares for them. Because of that, she’s able to give them the individual attention they need.” – Leanne Ritter, Medical Assistant

She certainly does have the HEART of Alliance after serving as our Nurse Manager for the past 7 years. Kim is an RN from Angelo State Universityand began volunteering at Alliance Medical Ministry in 2003. After working at a local OB-GYN office, Kim would volunteer each Friday afternoon to see our gynecology patients.

In 2004, Kim went on a 2-week mission trip to Honduras. “Alliance was on my mind a lot while I was there. I kept thinking of new ways to get more involved when I got back,” Kim shares. Kim didn’t have to search very far – shortly after her return, she received a call from Dr. Weaver, who was the Director of Alliance Medical Ministry at that time. Dr. Weaver asked Kim to come on board as Nurse Manager. “I felt compelled to say yes to God’s call, and so I immediately did,” Kim says, and then joined our team on November 20, 2004.

A lot has changed since that day. She has felt the pressures and faced the challenges of a rapidly expanding organization dealing with an underserved population, such as language barriers and a need for more funding. Her heart and compassion for others has made Alliance stronger and helped us to see growth and many positive changes. When Kim first started, there were two nurses, who were required to draw all blood work, triage all of the patients, call with results, make referrals and schedule testing for all patients. We now have four RNs, two CNAs, a Medical Office Assistant and a phlebotomist. We’ve gone from serving 1,500 patients to over 8,000. That’s thanks to passionate staff like Kim! “I’m so grateful for a compassionate team of staff and volunteers,” she says.

All the hard work has been worthwhile for Kim. When asked how this opportunity has been different from other work experiences, she describes it as “much more gratifying. We have the unique opportunity to combine our skills with our faith.” She is often inspired by the relationships she forms. For example, she is responsible for scheduling diagnostic mammograms and biopsies. Several months ago, she was able to coordinate care for a patient who was diagnosed with breast cancer and still keeps in touch with her. She explained that this isn’t rare; she has formed invaluable relationships with her patients over the years. “It’s so gratifying to know that you help make a difference,” she says.

Thank you, Kim, for lending your heart, skills and passion to our mission and patients! How sweet it is to be loved by you!