Approximately 131,000 Wake County residents are food insecure.

Food security means having physical, social, and/or economic access to safe, nutritious, culturally appropriate, and affordable food.

To address food insecurity issues facing many of our patients, Alliance partnered with the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle in 2009 to build our on-site Community Garden.

Annually, we harvest 2,000 pounds of fresh produce.  All produce is given to patients in the clinic or wellness classes.

On a quarter of an acre, our garden grows a wide variety of different vegetables, herbs, and fruits, including radishes, cucumbers, zucchini, tomatoes, peppers, broccoli, and leafy greens.  

Each year, over 300 volunteers support our Community Garden.

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Environmental stewards and organic practices:

  • Compost bin on-site and avoid all chemical substances

  • Water conservation by collected rain in barrels and reusing for irrigation.  

  • Pollinator garden dedicated to growing pollinating flowers to attract butterflies and bees in an effort to increase pollinating activity.
  • With the support of Apiopolis, we have several bee hives adjacent to the garden.

Produce is available to all patients for no charge in the clinic and in wellness classes.  

Seed To Supper

Alliance is a site for Inter-Faith Food Shuttle's Seed to Supper, a five-week gardening course for beginners.

How it works:

  • 5-week course taught by three different Master Gardener volunteers
  • First hour of each class learning basics and essentials; second hour hands-on work in Alliance Community Garden
  • Topics covered:  layout and placement of garden, soil testing, pest control, garden schedule

Each participant that attends four of the five classes is eligible to apply to receive the installment of a backyard garden worth 150 dollars!