Loretta’s Story: “They gave me a chance!”

Loretta was in her 50s, working toward her bachelor’s degree, a mother of seven children, a grandmother to six, and attempting to balance a full-time job when she found Alliance Medical Ministry. “I wasn’t making a lot of money at the time, I wasn’t emotionally well, and I was sick. I went to a health center that suggested several clinics. Alliance was one of them, and the one that stood out to me. It’s just a place where you can go if you need help.” Dr. Lewis, left, and Loriette, right, celebrate all of Loriette's success!

When she called Alliance, Loretta was immediately impressed with the level of responsiveness she received. “They were friendlier than others, they had the information I needed, they didn’t make me wait, and they were able to see me in a month. But most importantly, they made it affordable. I didn’t realize that was possible for me, and I was shocked.”

When Loretta became a patient at Alliance, she was diagnosed with diabetes. Loretta was surprised by the amount of attention she received from her doctor. “I was shocked at the level of care. I know she’s a very busy woman, but she always found the time to return my calls, and a patient really appreciates that. She was always there and patient with me. She has been with me through all of my ups and downs, and has shown me a way to deal with everything from my diabetes, to school, and work.”

Loretta is now 60 years old and working toward her masters’ degree in health administration at Strayer University. “It wouldn’t have been possible for me without Dr. Lewis. She’s helped me in ways that she’s not even aware of, believing in me when no one else did, and showing me that I can do it.”

When comparing Alliance to other clinics, Loretta noted that what separates Alliance apart, is the total care they provide. “They’re here to help you as a complete person. Not just medically, but mentally too. Dr. Lewis has helped me with my diabetes, but she’s also helped me with depression, confidence, and working through school.”

“When you come to see Alliance, they give you a chance. They don’t say ‘you don’t have the money so you can’t see the doctor.’ Not everyone gives you that chance, considering your personal life and what you have going on. That means a lot.” As Loretta works toward her masters’ degree, she hopes that one day she can work in health administration at a center like Alliance. “I started from the bottom and I’m slowly coming up-I think I’m going to be alright now, and I have Dr. Lewis to thank for a lot of that.”