Alliance is compelled to maximize the quality, continuity, and availability of medical care for our patients, and minimize the inappropriate use of emergency room services.   


How does Alliance work?

Once established as a patient at Alliance, an individual is assigned to one of our staff providersand sees the same provider each visit, providing a continuity in medical care.

Our medical staff helps patients confront and manage their health issues head-first, encouraging and educating on disease management and prevention.

Volunteer specialists provide select specialty care and screenings on-site.

Our Referral Coordinator makes off-site referrals to local physicians and practice groups through Wake County Medical Society's Project Access for specialty services, surgeries, screenings, and X-rays.

We help qualified patients obtain free or reduced cost medications through the Patient Assistance Program and FIGS, and by prescribing generic medications.

Our Counseling Team helps our patients deal with issues that impact their physical health, including depression and anxiety.  

All patients and their families have free access to our Wellness Program, which includes access to fresh fruits and vegetables, health education and fitness opportunities.  These unique programs help patients self-manage and prevent the onset of chronic illnesses.

Who does Alliance serve?

About Alliance patients:

  • The average patient supports a household of three on $19,907 a year, or 111% of the Federal Poverty Level
  • 68% are women
  • 78% deal with at least one chronic illness, and 55% deal with two or more.  
  • 40% have high cholesterol
  • 47% are diabetic or pre-diabetic
  • 61% are overweight, obese, morbidly obese
  • 40% are hypertensive

    Alliance patients fall into the healthcare "gap":

    • Income too high and otherwise do not qualify for Medicaid
    • No Medicare
    • No private health insurance offered by employer
    • Not eligible for federal subsidies through Affordable Care Act
    • Unable to purchase health insurance

    WakeMed Hospital refers new patients each month to AMM for follow-up services after an ED visit or hospitalization, and AMM receives other referrals monthly from the community.